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Emmanuelle Brissy, Passionate master malletier craftsman.

The craft of art is as much the artistic sense of the artisan as his mastery of gesture and techniques. It carries noble and demanding manual traditions and testifies to the passion of the person who exercises it ...

Emmanuelle Brissy has a passion for seeing her rare and precious objects come to life since childhood. As a little girl, already, in Africa where she grew up, she spent her days patiently watching the craftsmen and trying to imitate them, in search of beautiful astute objects.
Curious to discover materials and techniques, she trained, through meetings and internships. She accumulated experiences and meetings training in France with experienced craftsmen who pass on their know-how to her in the most diverse fields: sculpture on stone or metals, cabinetmaking, binding, linocut, pottery, Saddlery, silk-screening etc… In time, she finally mastered some sixty techniques where her taste is expressed through technical gestures to be constantly perfected.

Following a detour of a few years in the event planning sector, she decides to devote herself fully to her passion during a first stay in Morocco, where the contact of designers awakened her desire to create ... when her taste of travel pushed her all the way to Madagascar.

There she transforms old forgotten trunks of the Black Cruise, the expedition led by André Citroën, of Columbus Bechar in Madagascar. She restores the rosewood, the leather interiors and launches herself in the creation of original trunks.

From the South of France to Madagascar and then Morocco, Emmanuelle has followed the opposite direction of the itinerary of the Black Cruise. With trunks and luggage, Brem Malletier opened its doors in Agadir in January 2015. And it is not by chance. The place is a crucible symbolically halfway between the two poles that make its balance and where she draws her inspiration.

Under the double sign of the demand and the crossbreeding

Faithful to the conviction that creation is first and foremost a meeting, Manue continues her collaborative work, with designers, artists as well as maalems.

Her productions are always the fruit of a demanding and open dialogue between the inherited techniques from traditions and the creative approach of the master craftsman or the artist. The association of these professionals from diverse backgrounds is the guarantor of a production that combines the mastery of material with innovation. It is a mark of excellence where talent and competence are the very essence of a real requirement. It is thus that the Brem Malletier trunks bring the nomadic spirit into the house: they inaugurate a style of furniture with a refined design inspired

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